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Cellulose is a loose-fill type of insulation made of recycled paper. It mainly comes in two types: wet or dry. According to ReEnergizeCo, because cellulose insulation is made primarily using recycled materials, it degrades over time. It has an estimated lifespan of 20 to 30 years, and degradation starts as early as 15 years post-installation. There are many advantages to using this insulation material. Here are some you may want to consider.

1. Good Thermal Performance

Cellulose insulation has an impressive thermal performance. According to ScienceDirect, it has a thermal conductivity of approximately 40 mW/(mK). This is around the same value as rock wool or glass wool. This makes it a perfect option and, considering it’s affordable, you’ll get a better return on investment if you choose it. When your building is properly sealed for convective air flows, air infiltration, and thermal bridging, you’ll get a very impressive performance from cellulose.

2. Fits Perfectly Around Items

This is another advantage of using cellulose blown in insulation. It fits perfectly around items on your walls. This includes objects like pipes and wiring. The perfect fitting ensures that there are no air pockets. As such, the overall efficiency of the wall is increased. When densely packed, cellulose insulation can seal walls and prevent air infiltration. It also provides enough density to limit convection.

3. Offers Sound Insulation

Cellulose blown in insulation is a perfect choice if you are also looking to soundproof rooms in your home. Because the insulation completely fills cavities, it leaves very few pockets, making it difficult for sound to travel. Apart from that, cellulose can trap air. It has a high density which is three times that of fiberglass. This stops sound from traveling through walls and between different floors.

These are some of the benefits of cellulose insulation. Another benefit of this material is long-term cost savings. Because of its insulation qualities, cellulose can help you save money on your utility bills and has the highest safety rating. These are some of the reasons why you should consider cellulose when you’re looking for an insulation option. Get in touch with Radiant Eagle, LLC today if you need more information about cellulose blown in insulation.