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When you’re the proud owner of a residential property, you have a lot to protect. A house is not simply someplace to lay down your things for long-term storage, but a home in which you or your family can grow to their greatest potential. Therefore it is important to make sure the appliances are maintained, landscaping is done, and little things like electrical switches and insulation are built well.

Insulation might not sound like the most fun topic in the world to talk about, but it’s vitally important for your house to remain in great shape. Without insulation, you’d freeze in the winter and burn up in the summer. No matter whether you seek out spray foam insulation services or blown in insulation, they both protect you. In this article, we’re going to show you all of the reasons why blown in insulation services are well worth the money and time spent on them.

Insulation Matters, No Matter What

As we noted before, insulation is one of the things that help make your house a home instead of a garden shack to keep tools in. Insulation and air conditioning/filtration work together to provide an amazing home environment. There are different types of insulation, but the main competitors are spray foam and blown in insulation.

Although spray foam insulation can expand to over 30% of its original size and custom fit around framing, we’re still going to recommend blown in insulation for most homeowners. This is because blown in insulation can be made from recycled materials and fit into nooks and crannies quite easily. Far from being cheap, blown in insulation services regularly note that their customers are satisfied with up to 25 years because of this insulation.

Go Green with Blown In Insulation

Blown in insulation services can be a great choice for environmentally friendly homeowners, considering the fact that the materials are usually recycled. Depending on the provider that you go with, many blown in insulation services utilize fiberglass and cellulose that has been recycled from previous projects. This isn’t just good for your wallet, it also means that this waste material doesn’t go into a landfill and clog up the environment. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with these materials for insulation, and they work quite well at providing a good layer between the outside of your property and the interior. It’s also just as efficient for putting in an attic to help insulate that room from the rest of the home, or any other suitable area that is subject to temperature fluctuations.

Versatile and Low Cost

While there are some contractors that swear by spray foam insulation, it can also cause problems with moisture-holding and mold in the long run. That tends not to be the case with blown in insulation services, which can be more spread out and doesn’t hold moisture as well. Blown in insulation services are just as versatile as spray foam, but because of their use of recycled materials, they tend to cost less as a whole. This means that if you’re on a budget when looking for your insulation services, you should definitely consider blown in insulation before you look at spray foam. Both are efficient at filling the nooks and crannies of your property, but blown in tends to be a bit easier to manage in the long run while lasting for quite a while. You’ll learn even more about how it can benefit your specific household when you give yourself the chance to talk to blown in insulation contractors.

Insulate, Before It’s Too Late

You don’t want to waste precious time trying to decide on whether to insulate your home or not. Especially if you have a family, you’re much better off going with blown in insulation services than not having insulation at all. Not only is it low cost and versatile just like spray foam, but it has the added benefits of being made of recycled materials so that your home is just a little bit greener. When you’re ready to have a well-insulated home, be sure to call experts at Residential Spray Foam Insulation!